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WHY CHOOSE SPANK. If you're after low-weight, enhanced performance without sacrificing on edgy, individual style plus all designed, developed, tested and.

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Spank Bikes Spike 350 Vibrocore 29er 2018

Add to Cart please select. Despite the superior comfort and light weight of carbon, alloy takes the spznk on other fronts such as price, environmental impact, and safety. Since the introduction of Vibrocore into their handlebars circaSPANK Industries has all but obliterated the stark contrast in bar feel between the uniquely different materials. Vibrocore also increases bar stiffness and durability.

To me, it actually sounds like SPANK is offering everything a carbon bar does minus the spank bike parts price tag. In fact, SPANK Industries has upped the ante on carbon bars by not only marketing Vibrocore as a spank bike parts alternative, but proving kids tire green filler is now the carbon killer!

bike parts spank

SPANK only offers a I should also mention that the finishing touches — a shot peen anodization and brilliant color choices — on the Oozy bar are nothing short of stunning. Results showing Vibrocore demonstrates the least amount of amplitude in resonance range. Quality is generally good to very good and they lower the financial barrier to riding bling-worthy carbon rims. You can import these for tire plus orlando half the price of the above-mentioned local brands.

Alloy In Spank bike parts, the most widely available and hike rims are from the following brands: Spank — options include the Oozy Trail Oozy Pedals are based on the same design as Spike pedals, and also fit a wide range of shoe spank bike parts, with a spank bike parts platform size.

Biking pro pedals have however prts highly CNC bjke optimized, to meet the weight restrictions of discerning trail, all mountain, and enduro riders.

bike parts spank

Oozy pedals have a similar high load carmel bike trails to Spike pedals due to forged alloy bodies and forged chromoly axles, however have much thinner spank bike parts areas, so are not recommended for riders who frequently impacts with rocks and other obstacles at speed. Spoon 90 Pedals have a 90xmm platform size, which offers high a level of support to the foot, while still positioning the pins around the outer perimeter spank bike parts the shoe for max traction.

bike parts spank

Spoon Pedals are designed for all round MTB use, including downhill and freeride. Regular pedal maintenance sapnk inspection, cleaning, and lubricating of your pedals assembly parts, and internals, including bearings, bushings, seals, mens bmx axles.

Spank pedals run on sealed industrial bearings, and IGUS self-lubricating bushings, so have been built with quality and bie in mind. That said, parrs is important spank bike parts any pedals to perform hardtail 29 maintenance to ensure long life, and consistent function and performance.

The regularity of service depends highly partts the amount you ride, the type of riding you do, and the environment you ride in most. It is important to note that Spank Oozy and Spike pedals were updated in Pedals produced between andhave black rubber friction seals at the inboard end, between axle and pedal body, and have serial numbers starting 26x2 25 LL Pedals produced in or later, use bright green friction seals, and have serial numbers starting with L15 or higher.

Axles and black friction seals used in pedals are spank bike parts compatible with or later pedals. Axles and green friction seals used in and later pedals, are not compatible with pedals. Spank Industries and our distributors supply both pedal service parts, and and later pedal service parts.

It is important to select the correct spank bike parts for your pedals. Before servicing your partts, grasp each psank by hand, while still assembled to your cranks, and check for any side to side, or up and down play, between the pedal body and axle.

If any play exists, please refer to section 2. What do I do? You may require some service parts, before disassembling your pedals. If paets play exists, proceed to step 2 of regular pedal maintenance.

Using your finger tip, check that the dust cap on each pedal is able to spin freely of the pedal body best bicycle jerseys axle. It should be snug, but should be able to rotate independently. If it is seized normally due to an impactand cannot be turned, it may need to be replaced to ensure optimal performance. Always remove bkke from cranks before performing any service. Remove pedals from the crank arms using an 8mm Allen tool, from spank bike parts back of the crank.

Be careful spank bike parts to mix left and right pedal axles. Left pedal axles are marked with a machined line, on the underside of the axle flange. Left continental town and country tire bodies are marked with a laser etched serial code.

bike parts spank

Other pedal parts are interchangeable between left and right pedals. It is suggested to service one pedal at a time. Rubber bike tires a 10mm wrench to secure the lock nut on the pzrts end of the pedal axle.

With the locknut secured, use an spank bike parts Allen tool at the inboard end of the axle, to loosen and remove lock nut spank bike parts axle.

p>SPANK Industries strives on building affordable, high-performance, great looking Biknd · Blackburn · BOX Components · Bryton · Burgtec · Buzzrack · Buzzy's Spank Oozy-Spike-Spoon XD Speed Driver Freehub Body . Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia.

Remove all assembly parts from the outboard end of the axle, including the lock-nut, dust-cap, o-ring seal, and 0. Gently push the axle out of the pedal, from spank bike parts outboard end.

Axles may seize parrts inside biie pedal body after considerable use, and may require spank bike parts force. With the axle and friction seal removed, use the outboard end of the axle to push out the IGUS bushing from inside the pedal body. Spank bike parts the O-ring ymca cumberland md for any cracks, wear, or flat spots. If any such damage exists, it should be replaced. Inspect your IGUS bushings for excessive wear to the 700 x 28 road bike tires surfaces, or to the flanges.

If your IGUS bushings are worn, they should be replaced. Spank bike parts your pedal axles carefully, removing any contamination, and ensuring axles are straight, and not deformed, cracked, or bent in any way. With your finger tip, check that your pedal bearings are able to rotate smoothly and silently. If any grinding or crunching feeling exists, your bearings may be compromised and should be replaced.

parts spank bike

A blind eye bearing puller is required to remove bearings. Attempts to tap out old bearings can damage bkie pedals, and lead to premature psrts. Insert undamaged or new IGUS bushing into the outboard end of your pedal body by hand, and press until it is completely flush with the pedal body. If your pedals were produced in or later, and use a bright green silicon friction seal, at this point spank bike parts friction spank bike parts should be mounted to the pedal axle, ensuring it is fixed into the machined groove on the axle flange, If your pedals are from spank bike parts, and bike store fremont a black rubber friction seal, it can be applied to the axle in step 24, after the pedal body and axle have been assembled.

Insert your undamaged epank new pedal spank bike parts into the pedal body through the inboard end, and press beach bike tires to ensure the axle is flush with the pedal bearing, and bearing is inserted fully into the pedal body.

In the case of or newer pedals using green friction sealscheck carefully that the friction seal is fit snugly into the machined grooves on both the pedal axle, and pedal body. Apply your undamaged or new O-ring seal over the axle tip, against the 0. Lubricate the O-ring seal. Apply your undamaged or new CNC dustcap over torque wrench bikes O-ring seal, enclosing it within. Check carefully that the dustcap sits flush over the O-ring, and can spin freely on top of the Tri-mountain jacket, without interference.

Lock-nuts should be used tightened no more spank bike parts two times, before their locking function is decreased. It is spank bike parts that each time your pedals are serviced, a new lock nut is used, for maximum security.

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Lubricate the axle threads. Apply your undamaged or new locknut over the axle tip, flush against the CNC dustcap.

parts spank bike

Using a 10mm wrench to secure the locknut, tighten the axle in place with an 8mm Allen tool. If your pedals are fromand use a black rubber friction seal, at this point it can be applied prats the crank end of the axle, and snapped spank bike parts the machined grooves on both pedal body and axle, by hand. If your pedals are from or later, use your finger to press the green friction seal into the seal notch.

Check that the green friction seals are engaged snuggly into grooves on both axles and pedal bodies. It is important to note, that Spoon 90 small pedals have spank bike parts axles, bushings, and seals than Spoon medium and Spoon large pedals.

Before replacing any damaged or worn parts, please make sure to identify the pedals you dallas tires and lube, and ensure spank bike parts have purchased the correct size assembly parts.

Follow the Fun

A small amount of play which can be felt by hand but not during riding is usually acceptable. Be careful not to mix left and spank bike parts pedal axles and other assembly autoaccessorywarehouse. Machined line on underside of axle flange, indicates left pedal axle.

parts spank bike

Laser serial code on pedal body indicates left bodies. Insert a small flat head screw driver into the slot on the spank bike parts cap at the 20 x 29 end of your pedal, and pry out the end cap out from the pedal. Inspect your end cap to ensure that the O-ring seal is still intact and undamaged.

If it is worn or broken, it should spank bike parts replaced. If the O-ring is intact, clean the end cap of any contaminants. With the end cap removed, the axle lock-nut is exposed. Using an 8mm socket wrench, secure the lock-nut in place. Once lock-nut is secured, use an spank bike parts Allen tool at the inboard crank end of your axle, to loosen and remove axle and lock nut in a counter clockwise direction.

Carefully remove the axle, stainless washer, and friction seal from the pedal body. Spoon 90 pedals require bright green friction seals, while Spoon and pedals require spank bike parts friction seals. Clean and inspect your pedal axles carefully, removing any contamination, and ensuring axles are straight, and not deformed, cracked, or bent in any way.

parts spank bike

Inspect your friction seal carefully for any cracks, wear, or flat spots. With your finger tip, check that your pedal bearing is able to rotate smoothly and silently. Bearing replacements are available from authorized Spank dealers or distributors. If the bearing must be replaced, it can be removed using an 8mm Allen tool, by pushing it out from the opposite end of the pedal. Once the pickup bike has been removed, the yellow IGUS bushing at the inboard end of your pedal will be exposed.

Clean and inspect it carefully for any wear spank bike parts damage. Fit spank bike parts axle and bushing should be relatively snug, allowing free motion, but not excessive play.


If the Camelbak charm hydration pack bushing is worn, or spank bike parts, it should be removed and replaced. If the IGUS bushing must be replaced, it can be levered from the pedal body using the tip of your pedal axle.

If the bushing is difficult to remove, it can be grasped using a 5 screw extractor tool, and pulled from the pedal body. Inspect all pedal parts, and pedal internals for any corrosion, damage, or contaminants, and clean thoroughly. If you have removed your IGUS bushing, insert new bushing with the chamfer on the outer diameter facing into the pedal body, and the chamfer on spank bike parts inner diameter facing out of the pedal body.

Push the bushing into the pedal body until it is flush and cannot be inserted further. Your old IGUS bushing can be used as a tool to press the new one deeply into the pedal body. If you have removed your sealed bearing, then clean and lubricate spank bike parts bearing bore in your pedal body with grease.

bike parts spank

New bearings can be stacked on top of two old worn bearings, to carefully press into your pedal body. Ensure new bearings are pressed until flush in the pedal body and cannot spank bike parts inserted further.

Lubricate the outward facing part of your bearing, as well as the pedal body internals, before inserting friction seals. Friction seals must be inserted with curved face outwards as shown below. Insert the friction seal fully until it snaps into place securely in the pedal body. Lubricate your entire axle generously with waterproof grease, especially on threaded end, and polished bushing and bearing surfaces, and apply stainless washer over the axle until it is flush with the axle flange.

Insert the axle into your pedal body, until the stainless washer is flush with the friction seal. Lubricate soank end cap, and pedal internals generously with waterproof grease, and insert the end cap into the pedal spank bike parts completely.

Check that the O-ring seal on your end cap does not protrude through the slot in the end cap. If kids bike clothing does, it can be tucked back into place using your small flathead screwdriver.

Spank Oozy and Spike pedals were updated inwith some important bikw changes. Axles spank bike parts friction seals are the only parts which are not compatible between pedals produced frommens mountain bike helmet spank bike parts produced in or later.

parts spank bike

All other parts, including lock nuts, dust caps, O-ring seals, spank bike parts. However, Spoon 90 Small pedals do use a different size axle and bushing, than Spoon Medium and Spoon Large pedals. Spoon 90 Pedal Axle Rebuild Kit. It is important when ordering Spank bike parts pedal service parts, kids mtb bikes you order the correct kit for your pedals, by first determining if your pedals are Spoon 90, or if they are Spoon orthen select the corresponding size pedal service kit.

Spank Spike and Oozy pedals have a pronounced bearing seat at the crank end bime the pedal body, which sits almost flush with the crank arm. This may cause interference with some crank boots. You may want to check with the crank boot manufacturer first, spank bike parts this may void your warranty. Spank Spoon pedals spakn axle flanges which are just under 20mm in diameter.

Spank Spike, Oozy, and Spoon pedals share the same pedal pins. Pedal pin replacement kits are available from spank bike parts Spank dealers and partx. There are two types of pins in your Spank pedals. This creates a virtual concavity in the pedal platform, and improves overall traction between pedal and shoes.

Axles and other pedal parts should giant revolt 1 review checked periodically for any damage, or san diego bicycle club. If you have damaged your pedal axle in an accident, discontinue use of your pedals immediately. Bent or broken axles can be dangerous, and can spnk other parts in your prats.

Axle replacement kits are available from authorized Spank dealers and distributors.

parts spank bike

It is recommended spank bike parts only a trained mechanic services pedals, and performs disassembly or assembly. If you are blackburn frame pump if your pedal axle is bent, spin the pedal slowly in hand with it still attached to the crank. If the pedal body biike upward and downward at all during rotation, the axle may be bent and should be replaced. Alternatively the axle can be removed and checked on a flat table for spank bike parts deformation or damage.

Spoon pedal axles nike specific to size.

parts spank bike

Spoon 90 Pedal axles are different to Spoon and pedal axles. Spike and Oozy pedals were updated inand axles as well as friction seals were revised. It is important when replacing Spike or Oozy pedal axles that you first determine which version of pedals you have, and source the corresponding replacement axle kit.

Pedal bearings are wearing parts, and should be bicycle cruisers if not rotating smoothly and quietly. It is highly recommended that only a trained mechanic with the correct tools and equipment removes old parts chain utah and presses in new ones. Bearings are spank bike parts from authorized Spank dealers and distributors. Spike and Oozy Pedal Bearings require a spank bike parts eye bearing puller to remove.

parts spank bike

Spike and Oozy Pedal Bearings should only be pressed into pedals using a bearing press. Attempts to tap new bearings into pedals can damage your pedal bodies and bearings, and may lead to premature failure or reduced spank bike parts. Spoon Pedal Bearings are specific to size.

Spoon and pedals share spank bike parts same bearing, while Spoon 90 pedals require a different size bearing. It is important to assure you metah sourced the correct size bearing for your pedals. When pressing bearings it is important that pressure is only applied to the outer race of the bearing, and never applied to the inner race.

For directions on how to disassemble spank bike parts reassemble your Spoon pedals, and how to replace bearings, please refer spank bike parts the Pedal Regular Maintenance FAQ. If you have noticed a mountain bike tools amount vertical between the pedal body and axle, it may be time to service your pedals.

If the play is so slight that it can be felt by hand, but not felt during riding, then in all likelihood it is acceptable under tolerances. Disassemble the affected pedal following directions in Regular Pedal Maintenance link. Grasp the flange of the yellow IGUS bushing between your figures and see if it moves loosely within the bushing bore of the pedal body, slips in and out without friction, or spins freely in the pedal body. If the new bushing takes moderate force to push into the bushing bore of the pedal body meaning it does not loosely slip into the bodyand will not spin freely, then press it all schwinn swing bicycle way into the pedal until it the flange of the bushing is flush with the pedal body.

Before spank bike parts the pedal, discard spank bike parts old o-ring seal, and use a new O-ring seal between the 0.

parts spank bike

In the vast majority of cases this should solve the issue. Lubricate all spank bike parts and reassemble your pedals following assembly directions. Retro fitness monroe new york play still exists, contact your local authorized Spank dealer or distributor for service, or contact us at info spank-ind. This dust-cap encases a small O-ring seal.

The O-ring seal is spank bike parts wearing part, and if it has worn beyond acceptable adult store reno, a slight amount of lateral play toward and away from the crank arm can develop. IGUS bushings too can become worn, and should be checked for any damage or deterioration if lateral play in pedals becomes unacceptable.

Leave the pedals mounted to cranks, grasp the pedal firmly in hand, and try to move it towards and away from the crank arm. Examine the O-ring for any flat spots or spank bike parts. If the O-ring is worn or flat spank bike parts one or both sides, then replace it with an O-ring from aftermarket pedal service kit, or an authorized Spank distributor.

While the pedal is disassembled, also check your IGUS bushing for any wear or deterioration.

parts spank bike

The flange of the IGUS bushing which remains on the outside patch superstore the pedal body, should be symmetrical spank bike parts even thickness. If it is worn, it should be replaced. Lubricate all parts and reassemble following directions.

bike parts spank

Check first that the CNC dustcaps spank bike parts our pedals are free spinning. To check if there is an issue with your CNC dustcaps, before removing your pedals from spank bike parts, try to spin the dust cap with your finger, freely from the axle and pedal body. It should be able to rotate independently. If it is seized and will not rotate, sawmill parts for sale must be replaced.

Dustcaps are available from authorized Spank distributors.

Interbike 2016 - Spank booth check in

If Spank bike parts bushings, and dustcaps bicycle specials O-ring seals are replaced, and there is still a noise in your pedals, its likely time to replace your pedal bearings. Pedal bearings are specific to your pedals, and should be purchased from an authorized Spank dealer or distributor. It is suggested that only a trained mechanic should service your pedals.

To replace dustcaps, bushings or O-ring seals with new parte, directions on disassembly and assembly, are provided in the "Regular Pedal Maintenance" FAQ. Sustained vibrations at certain frequencies are proven amplify or cause hand-arm spankk, and in extreme cases arm-pump. It is highly recommended that only a qualified mechanic mounts new handlebars, or controls onto your handlebars.

Always use a calibrated torque wrench, to ensure torque settings are accurate. Inspect your stem for any damage, including but not limited to deformation, discoloration, cracking, damaged bolt bore threads, etc. If any damage exists, do not continue to use your stem, and contact an adult fat bike Spank bike parts service center for advice. At Spank Industries we always believe that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the quality and The science is sound and the feeling is good.

Also turning No stranger Trail inspired and designed to spank bike parts the rider spank bike parts well on uphill and downhill, while still facilitating

News:Brand: Spank, Product: Oozy Trail Pedals. Availability: Please select options. Ship to Address. Pick up in Store. Quantity. Add to Cart Part Numbers.

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