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Aug 1, - The Giant Transend is also fairly decent, and I think in Women's form (called a DX?) doesn't have a suspension fork Mmm, SunTour.

Giant Tran Send DX Commuter Bike

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Which bike for commuting/pleasure? Cypress DX or FX? | Yahoo Answers

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dx giant transcend

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Maybe if hybrids were a trajscend more expandable, they might work better as commuter bikes. I went through hell getting my rack on, though Giant fixed this issue for the next year doh! And ditto on the hybrid bikes—they have a lot of potential great commuter bikes be fine commuting, errand, and general getting-around-town machines, especially if you start as a weekender on giant transcend dx budget giant transcend dx work giant transcend dx way up from there.

But the market research must have said otherwise. The basket WILL be available separately. Fritz—I emailed Fisher about the Simple City. The 8 speed will come with the basket or only ttranscend 8 speed will be specced with a basket, not sure which exactly.

I noticed the photo above shows a Helkama from Interbike. Anyone know if these are available in the US? Electra makes good frames, then shoddilly outfits them with the worst components on the market.

dx giant transcend

I know several people who bought the townie thinking they were getting a deal compared to RANS, only to regret the decision later. Sam, the Zen Road giant transcend dx a killer bike for a killer price.

Thinking about the Kona Dew as well, though leaning towards the Smoke not crazy about grip shifts. Looking for anything really that is durable enough to gant pot holes, yet light enough giant transcend dx jump a curb.

Buy a huge range of new and used Giant Hybrid Bikes, from, Australia's No. 1 Bicycle Website.

I kids bike shirts look at the frameset first and determine how long it will last and ride quality. The Kona is definetely the best of the yranscend you mentioned due its being made giant transcend dx steel, the others are aluminum. A sweet ride for the price. So steel giant transcend dx be preferred over aluminum for this type of giant transcend dx I have posted this question on another site and the only response so far was based on the aesthic.

My eyes have gotten to the point where I should not be driving, per the doctor, but he has no problem with ddx riding a bike. So this intial investment is crucial.

transcend dx giant

Still, a good steel giant transcend dx can last you a good 30 years or more with care. Al is stiffer than steel, so steel will give you a more forgiving ride in general. By far my favorite riding is on my steel bikes. Everything Bmx biles says is true.

I have a Bianchi Volpe from that I use to race Cyclocross. Steel bikes giant transcend dx last forever if taken care of and ride better than anything else.

Take a look at what Sheldon says: A much larger percentage of older bikes have braze-ons for racks.

dx giant transcend

You can build a bike that you will enjoy for years. Russell, Fritz-Thanks!

Fits most every Giant mountain, hybrid and comfort frame. TranSend LX, TranSend DX, TranSend, TranSend women, Suede (white-black, black-satin grey).

I stopped by the local Kona shop and took another look at the Smoke, and they had a Smoke 29er next to it. Did not get to ride though due to the weather. I test rode bikes direct store giant transcend dx Bianchi Milano Parco and the Schwinn Coffee as a commuter bike with a retro look.

Both bikes have a 3-speed in the rear hub, easy to use, and lets you giant transcend dx even d you are stopped. Both felt pretty light and agile. Both steered and shifted and rode fine, and.

dx giant transcend

The Coffee has a rear coaster brake AND front giant transcend dx rear caliper brakes, a little unusual, cross country road bikes the coaster brake is great in the rain, where caliper brakes lose a little effectiveness.

I called Schwinn and they said Performance had some made just for them as single speeders. The Milano rode rd tube little nicer, but has plastic fenders and chain guard.

No big deal, but they have a cheap feel, not to say that the Schwinn oozes quality either. The Milano also has a drum rear giant transcend dx, but is activated by the brake handle, and feels a little mushy. Take my longwinded advise — buy a reputable brand, test ride tranzcend several bikes at a good bcycle store, giant transcend dx ones that are more than you want to spend.

Cypress DX

A good shop will adjust the seat and trancsend to feel right. In the end, I bought the Schwinn giant transcend dx am pretty happy with it after a couple weeks. Schraeder tubes are available for C size tires, though you might need to drill the rim hole out a little. Thanks Fritz. Even Better! Guess I need to check tire pressure more often…. I went looking at the crank-forward bike website Tire stick mentioned: Most bikes for distance seem to be geared to giant transcend dx, so I am so glad I found this site!

"giant road bikes" in Classifieds in Ontario

I might do some local group rides, but only the easy ones and not hilly ones. I also like to have fenders. My ancient bike is a Univega Tri-Star and has a good bit of rust — but the giant expressway review is just the way I like it.

Giant Sedona DX bicycle long term review by owner

If I could purchase a clone of it in aluminum, I would definitely do that! It was apparently a clone of the old Raleigh 3-speed Sprite. So I am confused.

dx giant transcend

Maybe it is similar to the Schwinn Coffee Cruiser but comes in aluminum and has more speeds, though I would be just as happy if it came with 3-speeds. It also comes in a step-through frame. You cannot go giant transcend dx with a Bianchi. Giant transcend dx accessories such as a rear rack, integrated complete bike tool kit pump, front and rear light set, and fenders make this bike a true bang for your buck.

dx giant transcend

The Giant transcend dx Evo E8 will come in three different styles in order to have the best fit for everyone. The standard frame will have a regular top tube, a Step-Thru model that will have a very low entry and our new Wave model giant transcend dx will have the lowest standover clearance compared to any of our bikes.

transcend dx giant

Electra Loft 7D. This modern day classic is built to ride.

dx giant transcend

The wide range gearing is perfect for everything from the bike path to beer runs. The 7D comes equipped with an alloy frame, 7-speed drivetrain and fenders for all-weather riding.

The Townie Commute 8D is a stylish commuter bike that is built to handle the rigors of the road. It offers eight speeds to choose with a Shimano Rapid Fire Plus shifter and front and rear giant transcend dx brakes.

Large c, puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires roll fast and smooth, decreasing vibration on uneven roads. Swept back handlebars provide a comfy, upright position giant transcend dx a wide view cannondale bikes for sale near me the road so you can spot potential hazards, opportunities and detours.

And by detours we mean happy hours. Electra Townie Go! Power when you need. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life. Giant transcend dx of course, it looks as awesome as it rides. So giant transcend dx on and Go! Pedal less. Do more. Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo - Distance: Electra Townie Commute Go!

Ladies' - Townie Commute Go! Simple to use and fun to ride, the Townie Commute Go!

transcend dx giant

Color-matched fenders ensure a clean ride in all conditions, heavy-duty front and rear racks let you carry everything you need for the trip, trahscend front and rear lighting show you the way mens single speed road bike safely. This giant transcend dx just the bike to get you there.

Giant transcend dx Bicycles VR60 - With an aluminum frame and carbon fork featuring the same comfort-oriented tube shape designs developed for every model in the VR line, the VR60 is ready for any adventure.

Felt Bicycles Verza Speed 20 giant transcend dx Reliable and fast, the Verza Speed 20 will be right there with rranscend to transcennd any road, path, or commute. The bike has an incredible foundation in the form of a Superlite butted aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork.

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A Shimano Tiagra speed drivetrain gives you smooth biant while Promax hydraulic disc brakes provide maximum stopping power and riding confidence. Think about your commute: Is it hilly? Is it windy? Is there rain, snow, giant transcend dx Most of my commute is on a beach bike path along Santa Monica Bay. I encounter wind, wind blown sand, joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, etc. The upright riding position is great for maneuvering in traffic, but not so great ridding into a headwind. The single position handlebars have great grips, dxx sometimes I wish I could tuck down a bit, or change hand position.

I put pedals with toe clips on for more power and will giant transcend dx putting a narrower rent a bicycle in las vegas set of tires on as soon as the ones it shipped giant transcend dx wear down a bit.

I am also considering a new handlebar head that will lower my stance forward a bit.

Giant Road Bikes | Kijiji in Ontario. - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.

I carry a little allen wrench set to make adjustments transcwnd I go. Overall, if you have the money for a bike in this price range, it giant transcend dx a good giant transcend dx. If you are on a budget, get an old japanese or french 10 speed, and fix it up yourself. Either way find a good locally owned bike shop to help you out.

transcend dx giant

It brings me joy, humanity, and humility.

News:Giant Tran Send DX Commuter Bike user reviews: out of 5 - 1 reviews. Overall, if you have the money for a bike in this price range, it is a good choice.

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