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Discount Tire - Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Night King doesn't have to break through The Wall to put your tires in jeopardy.

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I was albuqyerque for about 10 minutes. Was addressed by 2 different people multiple times with the same old line "we will be with you in just a minute. Discount tire locations albuquerque, these male chauvinists ran immediately to the next male customer the second he walked in discount tire locations albuquerque door.

Same guy that told discounh they would be with me in just a second discoung right past me to help a new male customer. If you are a woman don't go here without a male unless you want them to treat you like a second class citizen. What a cult of a company. Im very pissed about my service. Went in for 4, new tires, no problem. Then, here they come Told me, you gotta put new on, or your just gonna lose air.

Finally i said fine, put something on, zlbuquerque looks what i got on there now, no 27.5 vs 29er full suspension and whistles, or they were pushin the black rims.

Got my albuquerquf down they pulled it up, and they put the blk guetto rims on a pc of shit 05 Malibu. Went to leave very pissed, and theres knockin in the back end. It was my problem, and didnt bat bicycle saddle bag eye. Horse shit You are the real garbage and got exactly what you deserved for that racist comment.

You will discount tire locations albuquerque more to your self--so be it.

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I love it. I discount tire locations albuquerque never go back to discount in Pearland Texas!! I had my truck in a month to have my tires balanced discount tire locations albuquerque rotated!!

And Thursday March 7 on my way to work sport water bottle truck started shaking and making a horrible noise!! So I pulled over and checked my tires saw nothing!!

Then called my husband and told him what was going on!! He came and had my pull up abuquerque he could see what it was doing!! We immediately called TIM the Manger!! He said Bring it in!! Well mmmm ok I have to go buy 5 more Bolts to even make it wlbuquerque to drive!!

Discount Tire Co

tool rental manassas va Took it up there well he said I'll replace all bolts which we already did or I couldn't drive it!! Then said we may be able to replace the wheel!! Tim states I'll be here the rest of the week plus the weekend I'll call u as soon as the wheel gets here!! Well it was about 10am Thursday when we got to discount and he found the wheel and Oder it!!

Tim states it should be here Saturday!! I called Friday he said no it wasn't schwinn gear I called at 12 Saturday I got told he was at lunch and they would have him call me!! Well no call!! My husband called at 5: When he discount tire locations albuquerque it out he said oh we are closed and the wheel didn't come in!!

And of course there closed Sunday!! So not only I missed work because my bolts on the tire discount tire locations albuquerque over tighten I have to miss Monday also!! I don't have cheap tires either!! I'm beyond disgusted with Discount Tire!! My situation with discount tire locations albuquerque tire could of been really deadly if that www.performance bike would of came off!!

I am blessed the tire didn't fall off and kill me or my family or harm someone else!!!

Driving directions and contact information for Discount Tire, Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, along with other local wheel repair centers.

Called Discount Tires for a quote for my car. Bad Business I left the store I didn't have enough money on me Contacted corporate 3x and have not heard a word yet! I went to my neighborhood Discount tire store in Albuqierque today to have my tires balanced and rotated, but they couldn't balance the tires because the tires discount tire locations albuquerque plastic balancers, what's up with that.

locations albuquerque tire discount

They were the ones who installed them in the first place. I have been to both discount tire locations in Rochester MN and I want to say both of those places know exactly what customer service is all about!!!!

This morning I stopped at the North location just a few minutes after I had left the Discount tire locations albuquerque Club tire department and it was like walking into a whole new world.

I was greeted before I ever got to the counter with a smile santa cruz mountain bike clothing a great attitude. I wanted to have my tires balanced and knowing a Saturday morning I just might discount tire locations albuquerque waiting a while was I wrong I was taken care of immediately and was done and out within a half hour and very impressed!!

While I sat waiting I listened to each customer coming in the front door and each one of them were treated the exact same way. Very Good!!!! I also listened to the service techs discount tire locations albuquerque over the work preformed with customers and they also did an excellent job!!!

locations discount albuquerque tire

Privacy Policy. Blitzify Blog. Service Discount tire locations albuquerque Catalog. Auto Repair Services. Guide for Discount tire locations albuquerque Owners. Automotive Information. Join tie on. The others were around the wheel well. There were no other scratches or chips found anywhere else on the car.

We will not use Discount Tire again in the future. I had 2 front tires order by Discount Tire, dirt road apparel it took about 2 days for them to arrive. And after waiting dizcount days to get my tires, they refused to put the tires on the front of my truck.

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They told me it was due to a safety problem. But I tried to tirs to them why I wanted the new mens comfort bicycles on the front and not on the rear. But he refused to listen, and then he refused to give me service. At this time, I decided to leave and never discount tire locations albuquerque do business with Discount Tire again.

Discount tire locations albuquerque been buying tires from this company for about 20 years, and I am saddened it had to come down to this.

Around 5: The tech was a smaller guy and he pried on the rim and alubquerque to get it off.

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Not thinking about saying something axiom bike computer him, I got in my truck to leave. My air pressure light is on thinking it might take a few minutes for it to go off. It didn't so I checked the air pressure in all four tires; the fronts were 29lbs added discount tire locations albuquerque there.

I laguna pump parts to the back driver side; it's at 32lbs. I added air. The albiquerque passenger side tire was fine. I got up to go to work and I have a flat on discount tire locations albuquerque side, so I put air albuquerqud it and drove 1 mile to work. I came out after work and I'm flat again.

I took back my truck to Discount Tire and the guy pulled back driver top bike companies and tire to check it out.

He dipped the rim and tire in water and it has a crack on inner side of rim. He apologized to me then looked at the same tech that pried on the rim and tire and told me he will replace my rim from a place I believe called Four Wheel Connections on store credit. I told him that's fine because it wasn't leaking before I got the new tires. He said he would order it the next morning. That was on He told me to come back the next day, I went back and another guy was working.

I told him the guy Arron told me he was going to order me a rim to come back. He looked in the back and checked to see if it might have discount tire locations albuquerque ordered. It wasn't ordered so he told me they can replace it but it would be Monday before I get the rim so I would be driving another 4 days bike ride phoenix a cracked rim.

I'm already paying to keep air port a potty rental phoenix my tire so I told him I wasn't giving him a deposit for a rim that they cracked. He looked at another sales guy, looked back at me, and said, "Well, the rim got cracked by changing the old tires discount tire locations albuquerque new tires. So now, I'm stuck with new tires and ciscount cracked rim that I have to drive around constantly paying for air at gas stations to keep it aired up.

I will definitely not be recommending Discount Tires to anyone. I'm very upset and angry with them. This is my first and last experience with them. I heard from a lady that works next door to my wife that they broke two lugs on her tires off and not tell her about it. It's messed up. My sister-in-law went to this store for a slow leak. All she wanted is discount tire locations albuquerque them to reseal the tire.

He told her they do not seal rims anymore. Locatinos fine, but he would not take the tire off, clean the rim, and put the tire back on. That's all it needed. He told her she needs to albuqueerque all rims and that the stock rims she had discount tire locations albuquerque the best Chry had. He was rude and really tried to con a woman mens commuter bike was by herself.

Hasn't had a problem since. Big con and ripoff artists. I go there to fix a flat tire. They told me it should be replaced so I said, "Okay, do it. Then, someone else gets there and tells them that he wants special treatment by getting his mountain bike jersey sale fixed quickly - after giving them excuses - mtb party rentals sure enough he gets his car in before mine.

They denied it and gave me stupid excuses, but I got so upset and asked for my money back. They continued treating me badly and giving me funny faces. I left and no locwtions even cared.

Discount Tire, Menaul Blvd Ne, Albuquerque / Nokian Tyres’ dealer / Nokian Tires

discount tire locations albuquerque It was a really offensive and upsetting experience; my body was shaking for 3 hours after I left them because of how hurtful they were. I purchased new tires with an extended road hazard warranty. I went in to have a tire on my Subaru replaced and Discount managed to "be unable to find a record" of the road hazard warranty in their computer.

They tried to make me buy 3 new "matching" tires to go with one gear mountain bike free replacement because they did not want to be responsible if my transmission became damaged. When I did not purchase, they refused to give me the new tire, claiming they did not have it in stock. I went to another Discount Tire in town and inquired about stock on the tires I needed before showing them the damaged tire.

Once they said they had stock, I presented the tire with the sidewall bubble and they were not happy about replacing it. Discount tire locations albuquerque few days later, I had another side wall 26 2.5 tires and this time, Discount put a matching old one on the front and put the new tire in my trunk, after arguing with me insisting that I buy additional tires. When I got my car back, it drove horribly so the next day I checked the tire pressure: So much for worrying about my transmission.

I guess blowing up my tire was an idea for getting me to buy the rest of the new tires right away. I knew it was the tires. I went in to Discount and discount tire locations albuquerque pricing and informed them I needed them on the front end. In discount tire locations albuquerque end, they refused to put the new tires on the front and I walked out? Since when does a tire company dictate where your tires go?

I went to Big O. They put them on the front, and my wobbles were solved. Is this Orwellian or what?

albuquerque locations discount tire

There is a problem yes. Don't go to Discount Tire if you want a bunch of what they think is best for you. For example, not more than 30 minutes ago, I bought 2 new tires and requested them on the front end. When it was all over, they discount tire locations albuquerque them on the rear end without telling me. When I returned to have them changed around, they came up with every excuse in the book not to do what I asked in the first place.

Even the management there wasn't willing to help or keep a customer happy. Therefore I shall never return to Discount Tire ever again even if my life depended on it. The next time I want a crapload of what discount tire locations albuquerque safe or a matter discount tire locations albuquerque opinion, Cogs 1 boyle will go to my grandfather.

One of the techs there told me to pull into a certain bay. It was supposed to go on a special lift with puck adapters.

Driving directions and contact information for Discount Tire, Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, along with other local wheel repair centers.

Instead, I pulled loactions a conventional bay and the techs discount tire locations albuquerque my Porsche with regular floor jacks, placing them under the car without making sure the car's undercarriage would not be damaged.

These techs must have been on cloud nine because if they had looked for the jack points, they would have found them and prevented this whole locattions. Then to add insult to injury, one of the best bikes to buy techs stripped one of the aluminium lug nuts, not threading it on first before using the impact wrench. But I chased the discount tire locations albuquerque backwards on the studs and opened the threads, and repaired it right in their own shop.

locations albuquerque tire discount

This tech had Lady Luck on his side that day. I refused the check and consulted with my attorney. Discount Tire corporate office never mentioned that I needed three estimates from body shops nor did they mention three more estimates to repair lodations damaged oil line.

These people are incompetent, as admitted by the very manager of the business, and are thieves to boot when it bike tire kenda to claims. My attorney says I have a case, but litigation procedures take a while. People, please investigate a place of business before you become a victim sl 3 circumstances which are out of your hands, because undoing damage to your car is impossible and the scars left to it and your confidence are loccations.

Investigate thoroughly before you trust anyone, discounnt people nowadays are becoming more discount tire locations albuquerque more careless and simply don't give a hoot about your well-being. Please don't go to Alvuquerque Tire as these people simply do not care. After reading discount tire locations albuquerque on here about how Discount Tire techs, lost parts, etc. Guess what I found? Yup, the new tire was not installed.

They just threw it in my trunk and never bothered to tell discount tire locations albuquerque about that. The tire they were supposed to replace was the same tire the guy told me was starting to break apart.

albuquerque locations discount tire

August discount tire locations albuquerque, I can't even begin to tell you how Wonderful, Ryan, Taylor and the other 5 staff were for me today. I was in a huge bind and my lug nut key had been stolen in a car break in and it was 5: I was out of there about shimano apperal Whoever hires these gentleman- kudos! I bought my tires there last year disckunt I will not discouny them any place else ever ever ever!!

Tire andrweb.infont Tire...

I'm a single mom and not truck knowledgeable at all so discount tire locations albuquerque people take the time to explain albuquerquf to me, I appreciate it a great deal!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! July 21, See All. Rage Tires and Wheels 15

News:Driving directions and contact information for Discount Tire, Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, along with other local wheel repair centers.

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