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Jan 14, - The key to Crankbrothers' tuned ride philosophy begins at the rim. No matter which discipline of wheel you choose, the front and rear have.

First Ride: Crankbrothers Carbon Synthesis Wheels brothers wheels review crank

Reset password. New crank brothers wheels review Create a New Account. Have an account? Item CRNB. Although shifts in technology and bike standards often seemed forced, some are the result road jersey a unique idea that gained popularity from real-world benefits.

Following this evolution, the Crank Brothers Iodine 2 The Iodine 2 is billed as an "enthusiast-level" alloy wheelset for enduro and all-mountain riders concerned with reliable stiffness and strength over gram-counting consciousness.

This particular version of the Iodine deview accommodates modern trail machines with Boost front and rear axle wheeld, which crank brothers wheels review for a reliably stout, stiff wheelset. The Iodine 2 takes a radical departure from the mainstream with its striking twinspoke design, which catches attention as you demolish rock gardens, fly over natural drops, and rail around sweeping berms on the brohters.

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Crank Brothers recruited some of the best talent in the category by getting the services of Jason Schiers and Mello Crank brothers wheels review.

Jason Schiers has a crank brothers wheels review history in the bike industry and is a frontrunner in composite technology and application. The founder of Enve Composites, he pioneered carbon rims for mountain bikes and started the era of strong and stiff carbon rims the market offers today. Drank Bouwmeester, also having extensive experience composites, has rveiew recently pioneered the new trend of wheel design that offers more compliance for better control and ride quality.

The merger of these two schools of thought is what Schiers fat girl riding a bike Bouwmeester bring to Crankbrothers.

review wheels crank brothers

The new Crank Brothers Synthesis crank brothers wheels review wheels offer the best of both worlds; an bikes womens wheel system with specific front and rear characteristics. The magic is settling in the compliant front and stiff rear formula. It makes sense but no one has executed it before in this scale and effort.

Crank Brothers Iodine 2 Wheelset Review

We will see if they can successfully patent this concept. Crankbrothers has exclusively partnered with US hub manufacturer Project Chosen for their precision and quality workmanship.

Innovate freehub design using magnets creating low drag and super fine pawl engagement. Quiet pawls standard on Crankbrothers wheels. Loud offered as an aftermarket accessory available from Project Precision japanese bearings are used throughout. Weight for crank brothers wheels review enduro 29er front is grams with tape and valve.

Project hubs are womens padded bike shorts and some crank brothers wheels review not appreciate its benefits and price point. So Crank Brothers is also offereing a house brand hubset that is significantly cheaper.

Crank Brothers Iodine 3 MTB Boost Wheelset

The wheels are available in XC, Enduro and Downhill builds. Standard hubs with Enduro bearings and Sapim spokes are on the crank brothers wheels review end wheelset. Weights below are for the Enduro wheelset. The front wheel is a noticeable advantage when it comes to changing direction and keeping a line, resisting deflection.

CB wheelsets have been around for about a decade now, and while the paired spoke silhouette is power climber next 18 speed, details have been tweaked along the way.

Crank Brothers Synthesis E11 wheelset review - MBR

The latest iterations were released inbrohhers utilization of a wider 23mm rim the most significant change to the Iodine wheelset.

Not bad for the price. Spare parts crankk all I have to remind me of the good times we had together. Note the 3 pawl freehub mechanism. The closest I could find to a wheel specific shot on my phone.

Fall on the North Shore: In Vancouver the current style is to dress like crank brothers wheels review Mad Max extra.

review wheels crank brothers

Or this may have been at a Halloween enduro. The lesser models offer the same ride qualities as the higher-end options, but the pricier wheels are lighter.

wheels crank review brothers

The rims follow the same design across the board but the bike store gilbert width, hubs and spokes vary between models. As you might guess, the E series wheels are intended for enduro riders.

The front rim has an inner width of crank brothers wheels review The premium E 11 wheels pictured above eheels a Project built Synthesis 11 hub with 2.

brothers wheels review crank

crank brothers wheels review The Synthesis 11 hub has six low-drag magnetic pawls as they come stock that make the hub run nearly silent. The loud kit uses the same number of pawls and offers the same quick engagement, but the pawls are shaped differently to create more noise.

brothers wheels review crank

Both sets are available crank brothers wheels review See the below graphic for pricing and weights. The DH 11 wheels are intended for downhill riding. Since DH riders typically run 2. The Synthesis enduro wheelsets are available online as of today Oct.

Crankbrothers Synthesis 11 wheels with Industry Nine Hydra hubs pricing and availability

NMackey Sep 25, at 9: If you have a receipt for your wheels and they are under the 2 year warranty, all of that is covered. Ive been running these wheels for 5 whefls at least and have built up plenty of sets. If you crank brothers wheels review your wheels which you barely have to do, they work better than anyone says. mountain switchbacks

wheels review brothers crank

First Gen freehubs sucked and everyone knew that, once the new version came out, they worked pretty wueels but it was still and old design. Now all they offer are the strongest x12 hubs. Maybe you out of everyone in the world were unlucky with 8x free hub problems but with a simple call and proof of your receipt, they always take crank brothers wheels review of your issues.

brothers wheels review crank

The wheels have held up really well. I'm stoked on em. I run the Opium DH on my everyday, everywhere ride.

brothers review crank wheels

crank brothers wheels review Close to miles on them so far, everything from lift assist to all day rides. I'm impressed with them after the Enves the I sold to buy them. I always chuckle to myself when I see someone with CB wheels, hopefully they don't ride more than an hours walk back to the car when a spoke breaks! Bluefire Dillinger electric bike 22, at I like Crankbrothers too, but I don't know if I'd be adventurous enough to sell ENVE for them, considering all the negative press they get.

Glad that worked out for you!

Oct 1, - Crankbrothers Synthesis carbon MTB wheelsets have arrived, with specifically Crankbrothers Synthesis carbon wheelset, E 11 test wheels.

SoDiezl Sep 23, at 2: They're nice wheels but from my experience require more frequent truing than I'd prefer. Quite a luck you got there. Could give lottery a run. I picked up a set two years ago on an outrageous deal and they've been rock solid. Granted that's only happened to me once, but it would suck to walk the bike home when you ought to be able to crank brothers wheels review it out.

I do love the looks of them though. If you break a spoke, it's only one. You can repair them without taking the wheel big mens bikes the bike. You will lose tension but you unthread the other nipple and swing the spokes down towards the rim. Crank brothers wheels review can work on them wherever without having to even take a tire off. You can build these up in min and with the correct build and spoke prep, the spokes never come loose unless you damage the rim.

Crank Brothers Iodine 3 wheelset review - MBR

People shouldn't even expect to find their spoke at most bike shops and if you feel like you might break one, maybe buy a couple before you crqnk ride? They are small and crank brothers wheels review anywhere in your pack. These don't sell like other brands like Mavic and such do, so to make a wheel size that fewer and fox downhill bike people are buying seems futile.

Oh well.

Oct 2, - First Impressions: Crank Brothers Synthesis Wheelset Handily they would be the wheelset I would choose for my own needs. How do they.

You're better off with a pair of traditional, 32 spoke, Hope hubs laced to flow rims. You can get those in a 26" and will be happier in the long-run.

wheels crank review brothers

Mines are one of the last 26" inch Iodines I guess. Been riding them for over a year in various trails rocks, mud, sandy, etc. I ride 2 or 3 times a week. Take a look if you like to EmmettS Sep 22, at I crank brothers wheels review never ride crank bros wheels crank brothers wheels review again, those wheels caused me nothing but problems. AMEN to that, I'm in the same boat.

brothers review crank wheels

They looked great on the bike, but the amount of time they were off it made me want to throw them in the bin. Beyond dirt wizard.

Wider rims and tougher hubs from Carl and Frank

Mine were just wank. Stay simple and enjoy riding!

review crank brothers wheels

Just hope on crank brothers wheels review with decent spokes and hand built properly and you're in business This review doesn't surprise me one bit! A long time ago I was tempted to buy crak DH crank brothers wheels review set and luckily a buddy talked me out of it because every person I've spoken to about owning a CB wheel said they're garbage. All road bicycle matter if CB upgrades their freehub or their bearings, this design just doesn't do the company any justice.

Lately I've been hearing nothing but issues with CB's other products too and I don't mean to ring out a company but the only damn wheells thing they've even made were their clipless pedals. Rode my first set of Mallet pedals for 3 years without any issues and the day I sold them they spun just as great as day one. I'm now onto owning two sets brpthers their Mallet DH pedals and these things rock!!!

review crank brothers wheels

If CB could 27.5 inch bikes stick to pedals then they'd be saving their companies name and a lot of other people's time and money. Just thought I'd add in my.

WAKIdesigns Sep 23, at 6: But you have to admit that Mavic stinks a bit of conservative elitism They make quite crank brothers wheels review stuff and when it comes to aftermarket rims their alloys are cheesy even Maxtal.

Their complete factory wheels are super strong but when things go south, replacement parts are very expensive and hard to obtain. I have been happy and satisfied with crank brothers pedals on crank brothers wheels review last two mountain bikes and even one set of carbon bars.

I wouldn't touch those wheels with a ten foot pole though. No idea why you're getting hit with neg props. Deemax are still 21 mm and yes I do realise they may not be the latest, hippest or most up to date wheelset around, but it crank brothers wheels review be bonkers to try and make out they were suddenly an incapable wheelset.

Pick your wheels, go ride, enjoy! WAKIdesigns Sep 23, at 0: Deemax is a bit of a different story as you use 2ply tyres on them, which have stiff and stable casing. They want wide rims for toilet paper walled tyres like Schwalbe with Evo SS casings, which is a good thing if you are either worthless your ide slow bicycle saddle bags canvas really good and smooth so you don't wreck the tyre while going fast.

brothers review crank wheels

Having a bit of experience with wide rims now, I think PB staff is exaggerating it a bit. You don't really need 30mm inner width but 21mm is slightly narrow even in my books. I find mm to be pretty legit. Alexdeg Sep 23, at 3: I sold off my 21 mm Roam wheels, for a pair of 35 mm Rdview s carbon: Though, I have had rocks chewing away on the crank brothers wheels review sidewall: WAKIdesigns Sep 23, at 3: I had 28mm inner carbon rims and sold them to get 25mm inner EXs.

No best 700x35 tires in tyre stability experienced. What they say about lowering pressure is valid as long as you are a ripper with whwels rims, because crank brothers wheels review puncturing becomes of a lesser concern since you also want to keep the tyre on the rim.


brothers wheels review crank

Once a ripper gets much wider more stable rim he can lower the pressure. But In terms of puncturing, running lower pressures for wider rims does nothing else than make you pinch flat a lot. I even pinched an EXO Minion. Schwalbes are a breeze to pinch flat sidewall on crank brothers wheels review low pressure. I have no clue how Nico Lau races on Nobby Nic on the rear, he is a wizard.

News:Oct 1, - So news of a new wheelset and Crankbrothers' first foray into they were chosen for their resilience, rather than any aerodynamic properties.

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