Date Added: June 08, 2010 08:00:15 PM
Author: Archana Menon
Category: Computers & Internet

My uncle is 53. He called me last day to enquire about the best universities for MBA in India. I did a research online at the Career/Education section of Infolona (www.infolona.com), asked my friends, and sent him a couple of suggestions for both regular and part time courses. Only then I knew it was not for his son, but him! MBA (Master of Business Administration) has become a status symbol now. People are aiming at MBA as their last resort no matter what their graduation is. Records show that 250,000 students took CAT (Common Admission Test) for about 1500 seats in the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) in 2008. Even if you have some 15 years of work experience to hold on, a MBA degree is adding more charm to it. Let us analyse the different reasons as to why you should do an MBA. The courses in MBA familiarise students to various capacities of business such as marketing, human resources, accounting, operational research, information technology, etc. By selecting an area of study, students can expand their knowledge on the designated branch and choose a career based on the specialization. See the bigger picture. This is a clichéd statement. However, this is what every company wants you to do. No one wants to hire a graduate who secured 90% marks in their graduate course, but cannot think beyond what he was taught. People are looking for smart candidates who can analyze the current position of the company, what they are doing right/wrong, what needs to be done to reach the top of the ladder, and how fast can you make that happen. MBA plays a big role to help you here. The course materials and case studies are designed in such a way that you can visualize the ‘bigger picture’ and make it happen! If you are a science or an Engineering graduate, a MBA degree yields good results. It gives you a framework to think about business problems and lets you apply your management knowledge in your own field of work. Employers classify your candidature based on your qualification. The only way to shortlist a candidate for an interview is by studying their well-designed CV. If two candidates apply for the same post, and both are Mechanical Engineering graduates from IIT, the first thing an employer will look for, would be an ‘additional qualification.’ He would definitely be gratified if the additional qualification is an MBA. At least for the time being, this is the trend, we have to accept. According to the Wall Street Journal, those who hold the MBA degree earn an average of 20% more a week than those with just a bachelor's degree. The condition is the same even if you have an M.Tech or a M.E. An attractive reason why you should go for it! Beyond all degrees, your calibre and interest matters. It is important to know what you want to do and how an MBA will help you reach where you want to be. To know more about MBA courses and colleges, refer to the Career/Education section of www.infolona.com
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