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Author: Archana Menon
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Are you tensed about your child’s academic scores, or, are you getting complaints from teachers that he is performing badly in class? Do not worry. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are talking about ‘children’ and not grown-ups. We still have control over them, and we can definitely make things right. First, never let his schooling interfere with his education. A child’s education first starts at home. His interaction with others, habits, interests etc. has a lot to do with how he is trained at home. Teach him good habits, tell him how to behave in public, and slowly tutor him to be independent and self-sufficient. If your child scores lesser marks in a subject for the first time, do not make a big issue out of it. Slowly ask him why he scored less as he usually scores high in the subject. If he shows trouble understanding the subject, take steps to help him out. If your child is scoring less constantly in a subject or more, talk to his teachers. Try to understand the reason and guide him slowly to help him out. Your love and care will make him feel happy and energetic all the time. It is good to take some time off every day to play with him. These days, most parents are unaware of their children’s likes and dislikes, be it food, clothing or hobbies. Special care should be taken to care for your child, as it is for him you are struggling day and night. Boost his self-confidence. Make sure you show him how proud you are, that he is your kid. Mention his strong points and help him overcome his weaknesses. Teach him play intellectual games and tricks to improve his memory. Think twice before you provide him a tutor. You are the best person to help him if you have the time. Extra tuitions will make his life so busy, and studies slowly will become his nightmare. Give him the responsibility to decide if he needs additional help. Identify problem areas. Some students will have medical problems like poor eye sight, dyslexia, memory problems etc. For example, dyslexic students show symptoms such as trouble learning the alphabet, difficulty in understanding a combination of words etc. These symptoms can easily be diagnosed and treated. Some schools are just bothered about money and status, and not education. If your child complains about bad coaching or overloaded curriculum, do not ignore. His complaints may be valid. Do make your enquiries and do the needful. Understand that every child is unique and everyone will not be a child prodigy. Some children may not be able to bear with the comparatively tough ICSE or CBSE syllabus. They may be comfortable with a simpler one. If your child is not able to cope with the syllabus, be smart enough to move him to a different school. He will be able to shine better. For more options on schools in your area, please refer the ‘School Admission- Private School Options within 10 Kms’ category of Career/Education section of www.infolona.com
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