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Author: Ruchika Yadav
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I have heard a lot about (SEO) search engine optimization. When I started a personal blog, I wanted to know how SEO can help in increasing my website traffic. Thus, I ended up researching on SEO. It is interesting to know that if you imply the right search engine optimization methods, traffic to your site will increase double fold. Each of the SEO methods given below helps improve the popularity of your website. Page title Title tag plays a very important role in attracting website traffic. Titles display what the website is about. Thus, when you search on the keyword ‘best Italian restaurant in Bangalore,’ you are more likely to hit the search result which says ‘top 5 Italian restaurant in Bangalore,’ than the one which highlights, ‘Bangalore hotels.’ Meta descriptions Meta descriptions are displayed right below the title of a website when it appears on search results. The description of a website shows what a user can expect from the website once they click on it. Thus, using unique Meta descriptions for all your web pages helps to attract the right traffic. The description should, in every way, reflect the content on the page. Good content Content is the king. More than any other factors, good content has a powerful influence over search engines to attract website traffic. The popularity of a site increases with quality content. Staying around the topic and writing easy and understandable content are the best ways to make it attractive. Adding relevant keywords wisely without replicating an existing content will improve website traffic. Site Navigation Easy navigation of your web pages is highly important. No user will have the patience to go through different tabs and pages to see what they want. Easy navigation of content will also help search engines understand what content is important and what is not. Using a sitemap is good too. Google webmaster tools help you submit an XML sitemap, which helps the search engine easily discover the relevant pages of your website. URL structure Using short and meaningful URL is necessary for easy crawling of the pages by search engines. This will also attract users who want to link your URL to their website. If you have a website on dental implants, use something like ‘’ than ‘’ Using an appropriate website URL will also highlight the relevant keywords bold when someone is searching for them on search engines. Robots.txt Robots.txt file must be placed in the root directory of your website. This file helps search engine know about the accessibility and crawlability of a website. You can also block search engines from viewing certain pages of your site if you wish. Robots.txt generator helps you create this file. Search engine optimization plays a significant role in increasing the visibility of your website. The methods given above are vital and significant to any website. There will be other means of optimizations as well. However, the key point is, any optimization technique will be successful if it is done with the user in mind, and not just search engines. --Author is Archana Menon, Executive at Infolona (
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