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Author: Ruchika Yadav
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For a long time I used to believe that in order to reduce weight you need to be on a strict/ extreme diet, deprive yourself from the most delicious food in the world and punish yourself by starvation. And I was not alone to carry this notion, a lot of people used to think this way. I clutched this conception till the day I met one of my old school friends after a long time… She used to be one of the plumpy girls of the school and today she is in a perfect figure! I was quite astonished to see her in this stature. And my first question to her was ‘Have you stopped eating anything?’ But to my surprise, she replied ‘I eat everything I love’. I really could not believe that so I did a bit of research on diet & dieting. And my perception was completely changed as I found that it was not about starving but about eating well, eating right and eating regularly, along with regular exercise/ work-out. Yes, you can enjoy all the delicacies in the world and still manage to reduce those extra kilos, if you are smart enough about food. As per the famous nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, there are 4 principles of eating right, which helps you to reduce the extra fat and maintain a toned & healthy body. Principle 1: You should never drink tea or coffee immediately after getting up in the morning. Instead, eat healthy food within 10-15 minutes of getting up and you can have tea after that. This increases the energy levels, helps in fat burning and also reduces the chances of over eating later in the day. Principle 2: Eat every 2-2.5 hours. It is recommended that you should eat only one thing at a time (like peanuts, nuts, sprouts, milk, yogurt, soy milk etc.) for all the in-between meals. It improves the digestive system & keeps you away from over eating (as you’ll eat in small quantities if you eat every 2 hours). Principle 3: Eat more when you are more active and vice-versa. Principle 4: You should have your last meal at least 2 hours before sleeping. This helps in food digestion before sleeping, leaves the body free and also helps in effective burning of fat. Hence it is very important to eat properly and exercise daily. Going for crash/ deprivation diet is not going to work because even if you lose some weight initially, you will gain double of what you lost, later. Also, it is worth noting that all food is good as they contain some nutrients which have their own role to play. Moreover, no food is stuffing/ fattening. You just have to be smart enough to choose the right time to eat it. For more details, visit the Healthcare section of Infolona (
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