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Author: Archana Menon
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A Class-X student in Mohali died recently following a suspected asthma bout. Doctors commented on this incident that many asthma cases remain unnoticed among people, especially children. With pollution being considered as the main reason behind Asthma, many are struggling against dust and dirt in many places. Recently, Tribune News Service reported that there is 40-50 per cent increase in the number of children and adults at urban hospitals and rural dispensaries suffering from asthma, bronchitis and laryngitis followed by distress and difficulty in breathing. Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the respiratory organs resulting in a block in the normal air passage. Early warning signs occur in the form of wheezing, coughing, stuffy feeling in the chest, and sometimes mild chest pain. The causes of asthma differ from person to person. Mostly, allergens from air particles, dust, pollen, climatic changes, etc. cause asthma. You are prone to asthma if: 1. You have a family history of asthma 2. You are more prone to dust 3. Your mother had the habit of smoking when she was pregnant with you 4. You have a sinusitis problem 5. You are obese The first step towards treating asthma is learning about your type of asthma. If dust is what causing allergy, avoid it. For some people, it will be the change of climate or extreme weather conditions that cause asthma. Try to avoid these before you go for any kind of medication. Consult a doctor and explain all the symptoms you have. Blood test will be taken to confirm asthma. Spirometry test will also be conducted to analyse air flow normalcy. Once asthma is confirmed, oral medicines will be prescribed. Depending on the type of asthma, there will be long term/short term medications. Long term oral medicines are to control persistent asthma attacks. The most commonly used medicines are salbutamol, bitolterol, ephedrine etc. Please take medicines with the help of prescriptions from a doctor. Inhalers are mostly used for sudden relief. (MDI’s) or Metered-dose inhalers are the most commonly used. This helps the patient to inhale a short dose of aerosolized medicine. There are dry powder inhalers available as well. They are more expensive than MDI, but are being used popularly now. You may also try some simple home remedies to treat asthma. 1. Drinking carrot juice 3 times a day helps treat asthma. 2. Intake of gooseberry every day is extremely good to treat allergic asthma. 3. Boil milk and put 10 cloves of garlic in it. Keep it for some time and drink. Make this a habit every day. Practice yoga and breathing exercises. You will be able to control asthma to a large extent. Avoid tension and stress in life. Again, yoga helps to avoid such unwanted physical and mental stress. Don’t let asthma get into your happy life. Know the symptoms in advance and start the treatment. Avoid things that trigger asthma and breathe easy. For more information on Asthma, please refer to Healthcare & Pregnancy section of --Author is Archana Menon, Executive at Infolona
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