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Author: Archana Menon
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What do I do after 12th? Confusing question. The n-number of options available in India makes it all the more confusing. 12th standard is considered as a turning point in the life of a student and every parent gives utmost importance to the options their children choose immediately after 12th. Mostly, the choice of the students and interests of the parents do not match which results in the student opting something that neither the student nor the parents like! There are many courses available in different colleges in India. They can broadly be divided into two- professional courses and general courses. Professional courses: Professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Architecture etc. almost guarantee a job after you graduate. This may be the reason why more than 70% of students prefer to go for such professional courses in India. However the fact is that just a degree will not fetch you a job. A degree is just a qualification. With thousands of Engineering and Medical colleges coming up every day, it has become a matter of skill and talent more than the degree. Therefore, if you are interested in doing a professional course, only then, prepare for the required entrance examinations. General courses: General courses like Literature, Film Studies, Catering Technology, Mass Communication etc. do not ‘guarantee’ a job. However if your interest lies in these areas, getting a job is a matter of fun. The options available in the market are plenty that many opt for such creative courses even after being a Science student in 12th. Again, what you need is 3 things: • Interest • Skill • Hard working nature Some major institutions that offer such courses are MICA (Ahmedabad), Symbiosis (Pune) and IIMC (Delhi). Given below are some questions to answer yourself before you choose your majors. 1. Do you like to enhance your knowledge on what you have studied in 12th? 2. What is your exact area of interest? If you are not able to answer these questions well, go through the points below: 1. Listen to your parents. If you do not have a clear picture in mind, they will be able to help you. 2. Teachers- they will be the best people to guide you as they clearly know your strengths and development areas. 3. Friends- Talk to friends and discuss your thoughts freely. Once you decide on the course, think about the job opportunities available in the market. (You can also check the sample nature of job opportunities under ‘What after School?’ category of the Career/Education section at Having a broad idea about the possible options will help you in various ways. However, you need not think a lot about the job market at this stage as things keep changing every time. If you have plans to go for higher studies after your graduation, it will be good to know the different post-graduation options open. Once you decide on the course, the next question is on the institution. Your choice has a lot to do with your marks as well. Therefore, scoring high will help you choose a subject you like, in a college you choose. For more information on graduation options, please refer --Author is Archana Menon, Executive at Infolona
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